At Touchstone Management Consultants, Inc., we walk our
talk. Before we could start aligning your company with its
goals, we had to do the same thing for ourselves. The
result is a firm unlike any other - one that is uniquely
structured to deliver the right projects at the right time and
at the right price.

Our emphasis on creating customized solutions requires
a nimble organization able to assemble the best team for
the job from a broad spectrum of disciplines. So rather
than restricting ourselves to a fixed group of experts with
a limited portfolio of skills, we built a fluid network of
professional talent that can be precisely adapted to any
business problem.

The core of our practice is a group of senior consultants
with a deep knowledge of strategic planning,
organizational development, process improvement, and
information technology. Our core team are experts in
strategy implementation consulting where, with our
decades of practical experience, we deliver the greatest
value to our clients. In addition to our core team, we have
forged alliance partnerships with more than 700 industry
veterans around the world who can be deployed in a
matter of days. All are people that we know and trust,
and all are accomplished professionals with at least 15
years of experience in their respective fields.

The quality and scope of this network gives us the
confidence to tackle virtually any project, staff it
appropriately and effectively, and ensure that everyone
involved has a personal stake in the outcome. It also
means that as a TMC client, you only pay for the people
we send. There are no "benchwarmers" back at
headquarters collecting paychecks while they wait for
new assignments.

TMC is a nimble organization with a value-enhancing
structure delivering the services of seasoned professionals
with decades of industry experience. In sum, TMC's
high-performance, low-overhead structure supplies you
with the problem-solving power of a Big Four consulting
firm at a fraction of the cost, while giving us the power to
deliver superior results.

Being a nimble
and flexible organization,
we adapt quickly to our
client's changing needs.

Through this model we assist
you in successfully adapting
to change as well.

It is through our decades
of practical experience that
we have come to this
enlightened approach.