Touchstone Management Consultants, Inc. is dedicated to
helping companies translate their best ideas into
bottom-line results. We specialize in strategy
implementation consulting where we assist your people
in getting positive change to happen. In real terms,
this means executing your strategic plans through
proven change projects that have the power to take
your organization exactly where you want to go, while
also supplying your people with the tools and know-how
to keep them moving forward. What's more, we can
do it better, faster, and for less money than anyone else
in the market.

No other consulting firm approaches a project the way
TMC does. Our mission is to identify the hidden
obstacles that stand between you and your goals, then
work right alongside you to break them down quickly,
efficiently, and effectively. Once that's done, we step
out of the picture; but not before we've transferred all
the knowledge and skills you'll need to sustain this
high performance over the long term.

We accomplish this by combining a patented
diagnostic process with a unique team structure that
allows us to tap the broadest possible range of
industry experience and deploy it to maximum effect.
Our methods are specifically designed to deliver
practical, customized solutions tailored to fit the
demands of your business and your workforce. This
fast-paced, pragmatic focus allows us to produce
superior value for our clients, as well as the
exceptional outcomes they have come to expect.

At TMC, we know how to
create the solutions that work.
And most importantly, we know
how to show you the way
and make it work for you.