Our firm is founded on the proposition that the key to
successful organizational change is to bring a company's
most valuable asset - its people - into alignment with its
vision, mission, and goals. This clarity of purpose requires
bridging the gaps that often separate different groups of
stakeholders, impeding their ability to move in new

Touchstone Management Consultants, Inc.'s. expert team
of strategy implementation consultants locates these
gaps through its PP&T diagnostic tool, a patented
methodology that analyzes the needs of your
organization through the three "touchstones" of People,
Process, and Technology. This PP&T evaluation gives us
the insight to design a customized set of services that will
allow your organization to:


Align its vision and mission with strategies and


Align individual goals with company goals


Support the empowerment of individuals by
accelerating their success


Provide a positive and supportive work environment


Increase retention of customers, staff, stakeholders
and shareholders

Where some consulting companies dispatch armies of
25-year-olds to staff their projects, we rely on seasoned
professionals with 15 to 25 years of experience. They
are carefully selected to suit the individual needs of your
business and all remain on site for the duration of the
project. We believe this continuity is crucial to ensuring
that your in-house teams develop the skills that will
enable your company to become self-sufficient. We
create high-performing workplaces that turn change
projects into bottom-line profits - now, and for years to


Whether you have a defined project or need your project
defined, TMC stays focused on your goals. We don't take
people away from their work; we train them how to do
their work better. Rather than waste time with case
studies, we engage them in solving the real problems of
your company; planning projects, assessing business
opportunities, and evaluating execution strategies. Each
stage of the process generates a tangible set of
deliverables that shows people how much progress
they've made and clearly maps out what remains to be

Changing direction doesn't
have to mean slowing down.

The solutions we create at
TMC are designed to keep
your business moving
while maintaining clarity and
delivering measurable results
along the way.