The key to successful organizational change is to bring
a company's most valuable asset - its people - into
alignment with its vision, mission, and goals.
Touchstone Management Consultants, Inc. locates existing
gaps through the use of diagnostic tools and structured
methodologies that analyze the needs of your
organization through the three "touchstones" of People,
Process, and Technology. This evaluation process gives
us the insight to deliver a customized & tailored set of

Organizational Development

TMC offers workshops for companies to develop and
define their vision, mission & values to leverage the best
of their organization's capabilities. Services include:


Vision, mission & values development


Strategic plan review & implementation
("Operationalize your strategies")


Team alignment to vision & mission


Awards & rewards program development

Leadership Development

TMC focuses on delivering the practical & pragmatic skills
necessary for individuals to lead high-performing teams.
Our workshops and seminars include the core concepts
of leadership, leadership styles and skills required to be
an inspirational leader. Services include:

· Leading high performance teams
· Leadership values & ethics
· Leadership communications
· Individual & team assessments
· 360 degree feedback
· Performance coaching & mentoring
· Succession planning

High Performance Team Development

TMC delivers the process & structure that brings fast
forming, high-performing teams together to meet and
exceed today's challenging business goals. We are
unique in that we offer high intensity training integrated
with real business objectives. Our team development
programs deliver immediate application & transfer of new
skills, whilst delivering concrete work products such as a
strategic plan, an annual business plan or a project plan.
Examples of our programs are:

"Sailing Challenge" - Performance sailing and timed
circuit racing on San Francisco Bay are the structured
environment through which new team skills are applied.
The key learning points are the definition of team, the
trust model, the team development model, team
agreements and the appreciation roundtable. This
program delivers a high level of perceived risk, allowing
teams to form the foundational bonds upon which they
need to build.

"The 4 Ps of Food Fight" - In this head-to-head challenge
program, teams are required to create gourmet quality
meals to be professionally judged. Resources and time
are both finite & tight and to be successful, the teams will
need to use the 4Ps to win…plan, purchase, prepare &
present. This offers a fun, fast-paced & intense
experience which closes out with a team celebration.
Locations such as the Culinary Institute of America in
Napa Valley and other San Francisco locations are used to
showcase this event.

"Aerial Challenge" Ropes Course - Off the ground and
aerial challenges take your team through the process of
bonding and trust development. Utilizing high ropes,
climbing walls & zip lines, your team will individually and
collectively experience trust, support and growth.
Through this experience, the key learning points are the
definition of team, the trust model, the team development
model, team agreements and the appreciation

"Creating Gold from Straw": Community Service
Programs - Using community service programs such
as Habitat for Humanity, Delancey Street & the San Jose
Battered Women's Shelter to build team skills whilst
helping those less fortunate in our communities. This
program has had profound impact at both the personal
level as well as the team development level.

Career & Competency Development

TMC delivers career & competency development
programs. These custom-tailored solutions are designed
to clarify & meet your corporation's professional &
technical competency objectives. Services include:

· Competency level assessments
· Training & development assessments
· Training program development
· Attitude & Aptitude Testing (SDI, Myers-Briggs, INQ, etc.)
· Team performance evaluation & gap analysis
· Corporate university program development

At TMC, we know how to
create the solutions that work.
And most importantly, we know
how to show you the way
and make it work for you.