Business processes need to support the business goals,
operational needs, and functional checks and balances of
an organization. Well-designed processes will support
your people in delivering exceptional value to your
customers day in and day out. Optimized processes
deliver cost effective and low overhead functionality,
contributing to bottom line profits.

A major key to successful business change is the
alignment of a Company's day-to-day processes to
fully support your team, clients and stakeholders.
Touchstone Management Consultants, Inc. locates
existing gaps in your business processes
through the use of diagnostic tools and structured
methodologies that analyze the needs of your
organization through the three "touchstones" of
People, Process, and Technology. This evaluation
process gives us the insight to deliver a customized &
tailored set of solutions.

Strategic Planning

Over 70% of projects in companies fail due to poor
implementation of a solution. These failures stem from
the lack of effective "operationalization" of strategies.
TMC's expertise is focused on providing structure and
process that bridges the gap between the strategic plan
and the implementation of successful change.
Services include:

· Strategic plan development
· Strategic plan review & realignment
· Rapid opportunity assessment

Organizational Design

TMC works with your management team to develop the
most effective organizational design necessary to deliver
competitive excellence to your customers. The pressing
need for your organization is to be nimble and flexible
enabling you to service changing markets and maintain
your competitive advantage.

Unlike the traditional 12-month analysis-to-paralysis
approach, TMC delivers significant value by conducting a
series of 3-5 day workshops, which deliver fast-track
results that enable your key decision-makers to evaluate
data, design a new construct and move forward to
immediate implementation.

Business Process Review & Realignment

Moving beyond the traditional outsourcing of the HR and
Accounting functions, there are additional outsourcing
opportunities, of non-core functions, that can help reduce
overhead and improve operational efficiencies.

TMC's organizational design services are focused upon
identifying and capitalizing on your company's core
competencies and retaining them in-house. And then,
we help determine the best value-add model for servicing
your organization's functional needs, both locally and

We go beyond the sole focus of overhead reduction in
supporting the implementation of processes that increase
the level of customer service, and value, you deliver to
your clients, which then produces more revenue and
higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention.
Services include:

· Business goals & competency alignment
· Business process review & improvement
· IT services alignment

Channel Development & Management

TMC delivers the structure and process to systematically
enhance revenue, as well as launching new revenue
streams. This includes new opportunity identification,
enhancing existing client revenue streams and identifying
alternate channel revenue opportunities.

Services include:

· Strategic management of the revenue funnel
· Channel development & management
· Targeted channel marketing
· Revenue enhancement programs
· Loyalty & customer retention

At TMC, we know how to
create the solutions that work.
And most importantly, we know
how to show you the way
and make it work for you.