"For Immediate Release"

TMC Announces Change Management Services
partnership with Expressworks International,
Inc. – May 15th , 2003

Touchstone Management Consultants (TMC) announced
today the signing of a management consulting services
delivery contract with Expressworks International, Inc.
of Scotts Valley, CA. Expressworks has engaged TMC to
support the delivery of change management services to
ChevronTexaco on a global basis.

Expressworks International, Inc. has had a two (2) decade
long relationship with Chevron, in which they assisted
Chevron’s PRC Division in the development of their
proprietary change management methodology. The
Expressworks/TMC partnership is now assisting
ChevronTexaco in the integration of the two companies
through the planning and delivery of global change

Peter Lohnberg, Expressworks International co-founder
stated; “Bringing TMC’s change management expertise
and their European and Asia/Pac business experience to
our team dramatically improves our delivery capability
and capacity. This matches up extremely well with the
operational business requirements that ChevronTexaco
has in the fore-see-able future. Lulu Yang, President and
founder of TMC, was quoted as saying; “We are excited
about our services delivery relationship with
Expressworks International and look forward to
enhancing the value-added relationship they already have
with ChevronTexaco and PRC.”

At TMC, we know how to create
partnerships that work. And
most importantly, we have
the wisdom and insight to make
them work for you.