"For Immediate Release"

TMC Announces High-Impact Training Delivery
Partnership with OCSC Sailing of San Francisco
Bay – August 1st, 2003

Touchstone Management Consultants (TMC) announced
today the signing of a training delivery partnership
agreement with OCSC Sailing of Berkeley, CA. OCSC
Sailing is the nation’s premier sail training organization
offering the highest level of effectiveness, and value, in
the sailing education marketplace.

Anthony Sandberg, founder of OCSC Sailing stated,
“We are excited about moving our eighteen (18) year
relationship to the next level. TMC will be the service
provider for all facilitated training delivery under this
partnership agreement. Their expertise in this arena,
partnered with the on-the-water services we deliver
moves the value of this training model to the top of the
impact curve. We are excited about the synergies
produced by bringing the two firms together to deliver
these services.”

Lulu Yang, President and founder of TMC stated, “In
partnership with OCSC Sailing we follow a proven
methodology taking our clients through the process of
business strategy & current state analysis, team
development methodologies and new skills development,
the practical application of skills, as well as the
knowledge transfer, retention and reinforcement of these
new tools. This approach provides a strategically
differentiated solution set to our clients and it delivers
exceptional results.”

At TMC, we know how to create
partnerships that work. And
most importantly, we have
the wisdom and insight to make
them work for you.