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Successful Strategy Implementation -
February 16th, 2006

We formed TMC Racing in March 2004 with the objective
of utilizing our sailboat racing program as a lab for the
development of the tools and services we deliver to our
clients. We set our goal to place in the top 10 at the 2007
J/24 World Championships. Here are our results to date:

June 2004: North American Championships - 22nd place
May 2005:  U.S. National Championships - 6th place
June 2005: Western Regional Championships - 1st place

(Qualified as one of six boats representing the U.S. at
the 2006 World Championships in Melbourne, Australia)

How did we do this? We applied the "5 Key Factors for
Successful Strategy Implementation"
that we use with
our clients:

1. Clearly communicated goals: To place in the top 10
at the J/24 World Championships
2. Consistent leadership direction: Consistently
communicated next steps and reinforced goals
3. Multi-level executive and operational sponsorship:
Provided the capital investment necessary to have
the best equipment and engaged a world-class coach
to develop and facilitate our training program
4. Commitment of personnel and funds to get the
job done:
Every team member committed their time,
money and expertise on and off of the race course
5. Comprehensive project and change management
A schedule of regattas, personnel resources,
maintenance, travel and logistics were organized as
our competition road map. We conducted Myers-Briggs
and SDI assessments to accelerate the development
of our high performing team

In 2005, Touchstone Management Consultants (TMC)
delivered the same level of success to our major clients,
using the same framework for strategy implementation.
We assisted a Fortune 10 global energy company with
an $18 billion acquisition and designed the "Business
Readiness" framework that focused on minimizing
business interruption and being able to deliver the
projected acquisition value to Wall Street. Their CEO
stated that our efforts "...hit the ball out of the park". We
also designed and delivered the change management
plan for a global IT project that the top management
touted as "the poster child for change management

More than a framework or words, TMC delivers results
with 100% client satisfaction!

“Less than 10% of strategies effectively formulated are
effectively executed”
  Fortune Magazine

How effectively is your company currently implementing
its strategies?

Our business is built on your kind referrals; please
keep us in mind for your business needs and thank
you for the referrals.