"For Immediate Release"

Insights About Fast Forming - High Performing
Teams - April 2005

For decades there have been recognized models to
describe the series of stages that teams progress
through in their maturation process. The model most
commonly used is the “Tuckman Model”, which dates
back to the sixties. Dr. Bruce Tuckman initially defined
the following stages of team development:

1. Forming - a new team getting together
2. Storming - the team's internal angst about who,
what, where, when and how
3. Norming - agreeing upon how it will get done and
getting down to doing it
4. Performing - everyone committed, engaged and
pulling for the same goal

At the very core of this model, and the success of all
teams, is the issue of trust. In the business world trust
is defined as the confident expectation of performance.
To develop and share trust with another person you must
be in “relationship” - meaning that we share a personal
bond or a set of shared group values that ties us together.
The practical reality is that to be in “relationship” with
someone you must do three (3) things.

They are:

1. Work together,
2. Break bread together and
3. Recreate together

Now you wonder, after doing all these three things in a
genuine and sincere fashion, that you are still not in
“relationship” with someone. It may mean that you may
not share the same yardstick in measuring what someone
needs to do to qualify in the first place. We utilize
a “Trust Model” to have team members share with each
other their approach to, and the lens they use to view,
trusting someone else.

This “Trust Model” has four (4) levels:

1. Trust Still - someone will trust you regardless of
what you do - Mother Theresa
2. Trust Until - you get three strikes and then you're out
3. Suspicion Until - you hit three pitches/get over the
hurdles and then you're in
4. Suspicion Still - you never know how high the
hurdle is so you're never in

TMC delivers the process, structure and coaching that
brings fast forming, high performing teams together to
meet and exceed today's business goals. We are unique
in that we offer high intensity training, integrated with real
business objectives.

Our team development programs deliver immediate
application and transfer of new skills, whilst delivering
concrete work products such as, a strategic plan, an
annual business plan or a project plan.

Integrated service delivery, in real terms, means that we
take the issues and challenges our clients are focused
upon and use them as the content the team works on
while applying newly learned skills. Adding the delivery
of business data, analysis and outcomes, on a real-time
basis, delivers an accelerated decision-making model.
This compressed and intensely focused format facilitates
decisions, agreements, actionable tasks and next steps,
which together produce extraordinary results.

Efficacy is ultimately measured by results.

There are many ways to design team development
training into a business planning or project planning
workshop. One very exciting program that we offer is
our on-the-water program:

“TMC Racing's Sailing Challenge” - Performance sailing
and timed circuit racing on San Francisco Bay are the
structured environment through which new team skills
are applied. The key learning points are the definition of
team, the trust model, the team development model,
team agreements and the appreciation roundtable. This
program delivers a high level of perceived risk, allowing
teams to form the foundational bonds upon which they
need to build.

This last year Touchstone Management Consultants
launched TMC Racing as our own dedicated lab to evolve
and enhance the delivery of our High Performance Team
Development programs. TMC Racing is comprised of a
world-class J24 racing sailboat and a team of ten (10)
sailors. Through competing locally, and racing in national
and international events, our team utilizes our tools and
practices the skills we deliver to our clients.

Give us a call and we'll share with you the success we've
experienced with our clients and in our racing program
and discuss how we can support you and your team in
your success!

Contact Michael or Lulu at 925-253-9997.

Next month we are going to discuss the approach we use,
the performance metrics and suite of tools we utilize to
optimize team performance.