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TMC Racing Featured in Latitude 38 Again

Sustaining Success:
Qualifying for the World Championships
in three of the last four years!

By winning the San Francisco J/24 Fleet 17 2008
Championship Series we’ve qualified for the 2009 World
in Annapolis, MD in the first week of May.
Over the eight (8) months that we raced last year we had
a phenomenal series as we ended up with twenty-seven
(27) first, twelve (12) second and two (2) third place
finishes in the forty-one (41) race series.

As it stands our local Fleet 17 record is as follows:

2004 – Fleet 17 Championship – 2 nd Place
            “Rookie of the Year” Award
2005 – “Sportsmanship of the Year” Award
2006 – Fleet 17 Season Champion
2007 – Fleet 17 Season Championship – 2nd Place
2008 – Fleet 17 Season Champion

In fact this is the third (3 rd) time we’ve qualified for the
Worlds in the last four (4) years. We won the 2005
Western Regional Championships in Marina del Rey
which qualified us for the 2006 World Championships
in Melbourne , Australia . Our twenty-fifth (25th) place
finish in the 2006 National Championships in Galveston
Bay qualified us for the 2007 World Championships in
Puerto Vallarta , Mexico .

As we are preparing to leave for Annapolis it provides an
opportunity to reflect back on all the regattas we’ve
sailed, all the success we’ve had and the great many
friends we’ve made along the way. Most important of al
l is how our group has evolved, grown and matured into
a top-flight team – dedicated, enthusiastic, and inspired!

Over time we’ve seen five (5) “Key Factors for Success”
that continue to play out and they are:

1. The Quality of the people you choose to hang-out
with is directly proportional to the quality of your life
experience! Find, recruit and retain the smartest and
very best people you can - as they will continue to
deliver results vastly beyond your expectations.

2. Relationships Determine Results – to be in
relationship with someone you have to work together,
break bread together and recreate together. It is
imperative that to get the very best effort and results
from your people that you know them personally – their
families, their careers and their lives. It is through this
process that real trust is developed, which is the
foundation for success.

3. Success breeds more success. Success is built over
time by setting appropriate stretch goals and achieving
them over and over again. Hence, the comment that it is
not the destination that is important but the journey is
right on point. Each of the successive small wins builds
competence, confidence and the expectation of more
success. Each of these steps roll-up to greater overall
success for the team!

4. Celebrate the Wins! It is an integral part of team
success to recognize each person, their contribution
and their uniqueness! An open “Round Table
Appreciation” is an extremely effective way for the
whole team to share in this experience. The sub-text
here is to praise publicly and provide feedback
privately. As we always coach our folks – good news on
Fridays and bad news on Mondays.

5. Training is the bow that wraps up the whole package!
Organize and deliver the very best training that money
can buy as it is the investment that will return dividends
time and time again. Training is the key to retaining the
best people you have, and by making them better at
what they do, it is what sustains the highest level of

As we move forward, TMC Racing will be one of eighty
one (81) teams from eighteen countries that will compete
in the 2009 J/24 World Championships in Annapolis,
MD. We’re excited to be going back to the Worlds again
as we’re better trained, prepared and motivated than
ever before and have high expectations about how
well we’re going to do this time around! As I keep
telling the team, “Always remember that every dog has
his day in the sun!”

Follow our progress as we travel to the East Coast, race
in the Annapolis NOOD Regatta on April 24th – 26th
and then go on to the World Championship Regatta
May 4th – 8th. We’ll be posting updates!